I have chosen to do my documentary on mental health as it is something very personal to me. I have witnessed people with: Depression, anxiety, bipolar and psychosis. I have felt very helpless throughout these experiences, and it is so hard to see someone suffer in those ways. Seeing those people suffer it is scary and misunderstanding, you can’t help but think ‘just get over it!’ for the sake of all of us. However, it is not that easy, and this is something that I want people to understand.

I want to create this documentary to get deep into what has been felt by those peers and victims of mental health. I want to bring this to the limelight, as a way to change people’s attitudes. Also as a way to start a journey in order to find a form of solution, or better ways to cope. Better support for the victims and families, as it does take a toll on everyone. This is one reason why I believe it is easy to ignore the topic of mental health, as people do not like to discuss what makes them feel uncomfortable.

I do not want this to be labelled ‘another student film on mental health.’ This is why I am taking pre-caution with the way I package and create this documentary. This project is something very personal to me and I really hope it does make a difference for many reasons.