Within this blog post I will explain my idea development which lead to the artistic visuals.

At first I wanted to create an interactive exhibition as I wanted my work to be an experience for the audience. However, after speaking to a fine art graduate, I realised I could put specific elements of that exhibition within a documentary.

I was reminded that my work has to be about quality not quantity. Therefore, I selected the best ideas from the exhibition in order to transfer them into a documentary. I believe this will be an interesting and visually pleasing aspect to the documentary, and it will definitely challenge my creativity.

As I love poetry, dance and experimenting with sound, these elements will be the main artistic pieces within my documentary. These elements are doable as I know many dancers and poets who would be willing to showcase their talents for a good cause. I find that these two art forms in particular are great ways of expressing emotions, and so are relevant for what I want to accomplish within my documentary.

I really want the documentary to be an experience for the audience. Therefore, I aim to active the sense’s of sound and seeing through sound instalments and beautiful visuals. I also believe that through removing visuals, the audience pay more attention to what is being said.Thus, I want this sound instalment to be really powerful in expressing what has been felt by victims and/or peers of psychosis disorders. I understand that due to ethics, I have to be careful with how I conduct this piece. However, I aim to create a type of re-creational script as this will avoid singling out of my subjects.

I aim to use these 3 elements to tell 3 different stories that all interlink with one another. As some mental disorders cross paths with other symptoms, such as depression and anxiety. I aim to use 3 different conditions, 3 different stories that all interconnect and help one another express certain things more. For example, someone with maniac depression may have symptoms of anxiety but can only express how depression feels more so than anxiety. Therefore, I will talk to someone with anxiety in order to gain a better understanding, and a way to help express what the other person may feel but could not explain. This is also a way, to show those victims that they are not alone, which is another aim of my documentary.