As I have mentioned, I have been around those who have suffered and would like to put their stories within this documentary. I have spoken to those around me and they are all willing to put their stories out there. However, I aim to protect their identity as I do not want to jeopardise anything for them. Thus, why I do not want to show the subjects within my documentary or reveal their identity. I also hope this will avoid ethical issues.

I aim to start the documentary with a sound instalment, a discussion of what has been said or experienced by the peers of person/s who has had psychosis. This is a very sensitive topic and I am to be as ethical as possible. I intend to create script with all the stories that I will collect and to create a sound piece with the stories that will be told.

I then would like to lead into the dance piece which will involve a voice over of someones story.

I then would like to finish with a piece of poetry which represents another persons story. I will include some visuals for this scene also.