From my previous post which mentions a young 12 year old girl who committed suicide and live streamed the suicide online. This research is to understand better the reality of suicide.

According to WHO it is true that each year more suicides are happening, and each year the victims are getting younger. It is worrying to find out that ’’Approximately one million people die from suicide’’ which correlates to one death every 40seconds (Creative 2016). However, it is not surprising to find out that over 90% of suicide cases are due to mental health issues (Creative 2016). This is another reason why the topic of my documentary is relevant today. Furthermore, young people have now been categorised at a higher risk and suicide is the third leading cause for young death (Creative 2016). Why are people so young, ending their lives so fast? What is really torturing them so much that they believe the only way out is suicide? This is a worrying thought, and the rates of suicide is thought to increase, as by 2020 there will be one suicide every 20 seconds. (Creative 2016). Therefore, action must be taken, and I hope to raise awareness on this issue with my documentary.

It may be even more worrying to find out that, these statistics are solely based on those who commit suicide and succeed. As there are up to 20 times more attempted suicides (Creative 2016) than those that are ‘successful’.

Therefore, if mental health is the leading cause in suicide, I wonder if there is a correlation somewhere as to why younger people are becoming more prone to mental health issues? What can be done? What needs to be done? What do we have to do to understand the issue? What is wrong with society?

This is information that pushes me to create this documentary as it will bring the issue to light, before the situation gets worse.


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