Checking the news, I found out that a 12 year old within America committed suicide on live stream. Within the article it mentioned that the girl had a blog called, ”Diary of a broken doll” (Jay Greenberg:2017). Within her blog she mentions that her stepfather told her to ‘commit suicide’ and to go ‘hang herself.’ She also mentions that he tried to rape her and touched her younger siblings (Jay Greenberg:2017). This is shocking and goes back to my ideas of communication. If this girl felt like she had a stable community of communication around her she would have reached out for help, rather than posting the stories online waiting for her voice to be heard.

The article argues that she may have live streamed the suicide in order to ‘raise awareness about the issue’ (Jay Greenberg:2017). This is an understandable perspective, but she should not have felt that that was the only way she could raise awareness on the issue. According to the article, each year suicide rates are rising and the age of those committing suicide is getting younger each year (Jay Greenberg:2017). This is a scary reality, and really makes me question what is going on?

Within my next blog post I will research more facts about suicide, in order to hopefully find a general cause to these actions.


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