I believe that it is genera knowledge that people are reluctant to talk about mental health. But what is stopping people from discussing such a serious topic that affects a wide majority?

From my research I found that the main arguments stopping people from discussing mental health issues were due to: ‘shame’ and a ‘weakness’ surrounding the topic (Emilene parry 2013) . Those who have depression are weaker than those who do not… Of course this is not the case, but a lot of people have the attitude of ‘just get over it.’But if it were that easy, they would get over it. No one gets a kick out of labelling themselves as something that is seen as negative. This is the idea’s I want to challenge through producing this documentary. As I feel there is not much empathy when it comes to mental health, and this is not stopping the issue from growing.

I do not believe that people with mental heath deserve to be treated differently per-se, I just believe they need to be understood better.  This is another reason why I am creating this documentary. I have seen how it has affected those around me, it’s horrible to feel helpless, but what else can we do? I believe that there needs to be more research into mental health. According to WHO more than 40% of countries have no mental health policy (WHO 2013, which shows that there needs to be some action taken, in order to help the victims, and peers of those victims as it is hard them too. Through creating this documentary I hope to bring these issue to light.


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