I conduct many conversations with people around me in order to gain their general insight on mental health. I would ask if people thought mental health is topic that should be talked about more and out of 99% of people I asked they agreed. Some would be specific and mention that it really matters how we packaged the talk around mental health in order to give better facts and information. In one discussion, a subject mentioned that more scientific research needs to be conducted so we can gain a better understanding on the topic. This is something I agree with and was backed up through my research as there was a lack of information.

Few people I ask, or mentioned my documentary about wondered why I wanted to do it on mental health. This is because they believe that there are more important ‘current’ topics to talk about, such as the black lives matter movement. However, others mentioned that mental health is always a current topic as it is still a problem.

During the conversations I would aim to ask, ‘is the way the world is and is that a problem?’ Some said yes and mentioned that people focus on ”the little things more than the things that are important.”Another mentioned that the issues with the world are due to greed, and that society is crumbling, as well as mentioning that people are selfish. These are points that I agree with, but what can I do to make a difference?

Therefore, by creating this documentary and from the research I conducted, I hope that I can challenge peoples perspectives on mental health. Or even begin a trend that will get people to break away from the stigma surrounding mental health.

This research really helped me to push my documentaries aims and objectives and made me realise it is a topic that needs to be spoken of!