There must be a pattern somewhere which can help us understand mental health more.

According (Mental Health 2016) the most common mental health issues in Britain are Anxiety and depression. I believe that this is true a large proportion of people I know have experienced one of these conditions or are still dealing with these issues on a daily bases.

I understand that these things happen and cannot be stop, but the way in which we deal with them matter the most. Therefore, through creating this documentary, I hope there will be a change in attitudes with the way we deal with these issues. I hope this documentary will push for society to support one another more, rather than treating anyone differently due to their mental health status.

Nonetheless, through my research, I also found that there is a correlation with poorer and more disadvantaged people. As they are more likely to be affected by common mental health problems (Patel et al:2010). This does make sense as there would be more stress, due to the lack of money, education or whatever the case. But this finding is interesting, and prompts me to find out further research based on this correlation.

This also allows me to be more specific with the topic of mental health, as I can find ways to express if there are any minorities when it comes to mental health. For example, are black people more prone to mental health? Are women more affected then men?

I will research this further in another blog post.


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