As there is a correlation with the less wealthy and mental health, this also made me wonder if there is any correlation with black people and mental health. As typically, its not heard of, and even a friend of mine mentioned as a black woman herself ‘black people can’t have mental illness”. Of course she meant this in a sarcastic way but it made me think, I should also aim to represent those minorities within this documentary, in order to broaden people’s perspectives even further.

From my research I found that ”African-Caribbean people are three to five times more likely than any other group to be diagnosed and admitted to hospital for schizophrenia” (Mental health 2015). I find this rather shocking, but the article also mentions that ethnic minorities often do not seek care as the mainstream health care services do not provide services that are beneficial for non-white cultures.

This is a really interesting fact, and has led me to create the idea of extreme-close up (macro lens) of black skin, in order to give texture to my visuals during the sound instalments. For example (owners n.d.)


I think this would be an interesting idea, and during post production I could find ways to manipulate the images if need be.


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