I am a huge fan of independence and FKA twigs is a big inspiration to me due to this alone. I find the way in which she works is very organic and her work is very innovative.

Although a music artist, she is also a director, producer and writer of her own work. Within an interview she mentions that if you really want your work to express what you want, you generally have to be a part of the whole process (FKA twigs Brasil 2015).

This is something I completely agree with and am very independent in this way also. Often I find that people try to change your idea, or misinterpret what you want and as a result and it no longer becomes what you wanted it to be. FKA also mentions that sometimes you have to leave things and come back to them later. Giving them time to grow by themselves, instead of pushing to produce something.

”it’s like with genetically modified food, where you speed up the growth – you’ll say, ‘This apple is going to be round and perfect and shiny,’ but then you bite into it and it just tastes like water. But if you just fertilise the soil and sit on it, let the soil become organic, then the apples are going to grow… And when you bite into it, it’s going to taste like the most delicious apple. ” -FKA twigs (McGinley et al. 2016).


FKA twigs style is very abstract and appeals to a niche audience. People often compare her to Bjork who is also very experimental with her work.

The type of audience FKA twigs has ranges from ”old ladies…kids that just left art school”Charlotte (2015) it also includes various creative and ‘against the norm’ type people. I believe this will be similar to the audience that will appreciate Through The Eyes Of The Forgotten Majority.

This type of style is all about being honest, doing what you want to do even if the majority do not agree or understand it. It’s being honest with yourself expressing what you want to feel. This does not mean that you cannot listen to other people’s opinions. But it is trusting in yourself, and to not be afraid of expressing who you are. This is something that I feel is important and very brave.

Here is some of FKA twigs work which has inspired my documentary.

Soundtrack 7 is a dance biography, this will be different to my documentary due to the scale of production and the use of music. However, I aim to use colourful lights and carefully planned costumes and stage settings. I also aim to use narration as the music for the dancers to dance to.
‘Ache’ uses one camera, one-shot-like-take of a dancer. The editing, camera movement, and use of mask are elements that inspire me and my documentary. As I am considering using greek play mask which represent emotions within my documentary
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