• To challenge people’s attitudes towards mental health.
  • To express what is felt by those victims.

I believe we live in a society in which we can say so much but still no one really listens. Due to the social media age, we focus a lot of attention on artificial things and forms of acceptance. Such as the amount of followers we have on our social media sites. I also believe competition and envy is common theme as social media is a platform that allows people to create the ‘perfectly’ shaped life. We can feel like we know someone due to their profile, although it has been carefully constructed. Furthermore, these perfect profiles are the ones that gain the most attention as in general, people want what they can’t have.

Due to this facade, I believe it’s harder for people to post real emotions or express sensitivity as it may be seen as a sign of weakness. As we do not see the bad days of those who are successful (adjust). I believe this relates to mental health as well, as there is this idea that those going through mental illnesses are weak. When in fact they are not.

Overall, I believe that people need to communicate better, and that’s simply it. People need to understand its okay to feel emotions, but we are too scared to accept what we feel due to the image we must uphold within society. There is a lot of pressure within society, and this is a theme that I think effects mental health also. The pressure to be strong and perfect, but they are unrealistic objectives.

Therefore, through creating this documentary I hope I can express my beliefs of better communication, due to the narrative and nature of the documentary.

I know I can’t change everyone’s perspectives or beliefs, but I still want to put this message and documentary across as it will relate or help someone. We don’t need to do things to change others, people are entitled to their own opinions. But we can do things for those who may feel alone, or who need that support, even those who don’t realise it. This documentary will show people that they are not alone… its okay to have off days, and its not weak of anyone to experience mental health issues.

Thus, this documentary is in solitary with those who are effected by the stigma of mental health.