Throughout this whole process I have learnt a lot in many different aspects. From preproduction work, research to test shoots and distribution. It is safe to say I have a much larger understanding of what goes into creating a production project.

I have found that due to the amount of research I conducted, I was able to develop a better narrative for my documentary as I had a good understanding of the topic. This also allows me to be more creative with my approach as I can use symbolic and metaphorical references which give meaning and substance to the story I am telling.

I found that reliable Internet sources and PDF’s were my main form of evidence during research.As I believe they are factual, straight to the point and easy to read. However, I should aim to read more in depth books, as this can form greater ideas and ideologies. This is due to the different perspectives many authors may have on one topic, as well as the change in mentalities over time. Therefore, if I read more books, I would have a better understanding of ideas from the past in comparison to ideas now. Allowing me to create better arguments on my beliefs of the topic.

However, I believe the research I conducted was very effective as what I have learnt has stuck within my mind. I find myself telling facts during conversations without the need of looking through my notes. Thus, researching a topic I am interested, and writing blog posts about them. This seems to be are a very effective way of learning. This is because I believe that, as blog posts generally require the bare minimum, this caused me to summarise all of what I have learnt. Thus, it becomes easier to pick out the most effective facts for my argument. Allowing me to articulate myself in a more coherent manner.

Through conducting in depth research, especially in my subject matter. I found a lot of loop holes, and lack of information. This in itself helps me find what needs to be discussed on the topic as there is a lack of information out there. This also allows me to conduct my own research and findings which I did do during this process. However, It could have been done on a larger scale.

Therefore, next time I will aim to conduct more effective primary research. I will do this by using anonymous questionnaire websites such as survey monkey. Or by even going out and interviewing people on the streets. This is a difficult and uncomfortable task and this is one reason why I should aim to find the most effective methods of primary research. In order to gain the best results.

Another element that I found effective to widening my knowledge was the importance of stylistics. I generally watch interviews, however, through approaching the interview in a different way, I found that what I took greater information from the interview. For example, Werner Herzog mentioned within an interview that he has found his purpose in some ways, as he wants to understand how Akira Kurosawa achieved such beauty within his projects (TheEcstaticTruth 2007). This allows me to understand Herzog’s art and beliefs more. Therefore, when I watch his work it will be more apparent what he was trying to achieve.

This also helped me realise that my blog posts and production folder, are modes that allow other people to understand my work. As well as what I stand for, through producing this work. And so, I have learnt the importance of documenting  my work and researching other people’s approaches and perspectives. As this helps one to express their aims coherently.

I believe that my proposal of ‘Through The Eyes of The Forgotten Majority’ was okay but could have been a little clearer. I feel that I focus too much on the stylistics, and may have confused the audience by not expressing what the ‘stigma’ was. However, I believe that there were good elements within the proposal. Through asking rhetorical questions, I feel that this gave emotion to the piece and called for the audience’s attention. This is an element that is important to keep the audience entertained.

I think it is obvious that I am passionate about my documentary as well as the styles that inspired me. However, I think that I could have included more test footage in order to show how doable my work is. This is one element that I think I lack within my proposal, and may cause concerns for those watching the proposal. Therefore, next time I create a proposal I aim to have more evidence of how I will make it happen! However, I think there is suspense within the proposal and so questions would arise anyway on how and why I would do and make this documentary.

Overall, throughout this whole process I have learnt the ins and outs of what it is to create a (small) documentary production. I believe I am strong in the elements of researching the subject matter. However, I have to be more active with test shoots and elements of production work in the future. I understand that it takes great planning, understanding and documenting when it comes to creating a production project. Therefore, I aim to be better organised within the future, as this will help me dramatically.

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