As I have been a part of the Coventry Street Dance society, I have come into contact with many dancers of all different levels and styles. Therefore, I have a great range of people who I can contact and who would be willing to dance for my documentary.

So far I have contact with three dancers who are comfortable with being filmed. I have three different styles of dance all to represent different emotions. These styles include: Tap (which represents the emotion of happiness), Krump (to represent anger), and the final style is Hip-Hop (which will represent an array of emotions).

I aim to meet up with these dancers in the near future, and plan to do some test shoots with them as well. I also aim to find some back up dancers in case of any emergencies, I also aim to find more dancers with different styles to express different emotions.

Below are a few examples of the styles I have so far:



This is a video of one of the creators of Krump called ‘Tight Eyez’

Hip- Hop: 


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