As I want to film a dance scene, I will need a viable space which allows for movement and good sports for lighting.

Here are the locations I have scouted so far:

The first is the Ellen Terry performance dance hall. I have filmed dance scenes in the dance hall in Ellen terry before. I like the elements of the dark curtains as they give me a blank canvas to work with. Also the space is ideal for filming and dancing. The only tricky part is overhead lighting and where to place the lights in general.

Below is a video I filmed within that studio. This is also similar to the style I’d like to include within my documentary. Although, I would change the lighting, and the placement of the lighting.

Another option is The Tank

(Coventry 2016)

Due to the overhead lighting and the space. This would be a good place to film, however, due to the green screen I am skeptical as I have never worked with green screen before.

However, I aim to scout more locations in the near future.


Coventry (2016) Contact us [online] available from <; [19 January 2017]